TPI prides itself in delivering the highest level of customer service to the insured and the Agent at a time when it matters most. While TPI does not handle claims for all of our companies, we do serve as a liaison between the policy holder and the insurance company to ensure a smooth and timely claims process. TPI understands the importance of processing a loss in a timely manner and are trained to be sympathetic to the needs of your insureds.

When reporting a claim it is always best for the insured to report the claim directly to the company in order to clearly relay the details and severity. This also allow the company to collect the specific information needed to process the claim in a timely manner.

Insurance Company Name Phone Fax E-mail Property Loss Notice
Accelerant Specialty Insurance Co. 800-779-4259
Accident Ins. Co. 800-638-1120 855-285-1163
Ace European Group/Catlin Ins. 888-778-1185 877-358-4206
Aegis Security Ins. Co. 800-233-2160 717-657-0340
Alterra Insurance 800-236-3113 804-747-9367
American Reliable Ins. Co. 800-245-1505 800-224-4170
Arch Ins. Group 601-924-4522 601-924-4659
Atlantic Casualty Ins. Co. 877-222-5522 919-751-2502
AXIS Surplus Ins. Co. 888-778-1185 877-358-4206
Bankers Insurance Company 888-778-1185 877-358-4206
Capitol Indemnity Ins. Corp. 800-475-4450 608-829-7411
Capitol Specialty Ins. Corp. 800-475-4450 608-829-7411
Catlin Insurance 888-778-1185 877-358-4206
Century Surety Co. 800-878-7389 614-895-7040
Certain Underwriters @ Lloyds, London 888-778-1185 877-358-4206
Daigle & Associates, Inc. 601-924-4522 601-924-4659
Endurance Insurance Company 888-778-1185 877-358-4206
Evanston Insurance Company 800-236-3113 804-747-9367
Fortegra Specialty Insurance 800-888-2738
Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) PLC 888-778-1185 877-358-4206
Hudson Insurance Company 866-546-3981 877-358-4206
Lexington Ins. Co. 877-873-9972 866-603-5519
Liberty Surplus/Pioneer Insurance Co. 888-778-1185 877-358-4206
Lyndon Southern Insurance Company 800-888-2738 904-355-5878
Northland Insurance 888-233-1555 336-834-1597
Ocean Harbor Casualty Ins. Co. 888-778-1185 877-358-4206
Scottsdale Insurance Company 800-423-7675 877-358-4206
United National Insurance Company 800-245-1505 800-224-4170
United Specialty Insurance Company 888-683-2266 866-885-4047