Does TPI have a place to write homes with a fire loss?
Yes we have different options that we can look at previous loss history. Please contact a personal lines underwriter for the best company to place the risk with.
Can I access documents online?
Yes all dec pages, invoices, notices, renewals, etc can be found by logging in, pulling up the policy and they will be located under documents
Where can documents such as cancellations, no loss forms, change request forms, etc be sent to?
They can be faxed to 877-805-0614 or you can email any of our staff members to process.
Where can I send pictures that are required from a notice of cancellation or recommendation letter?
They can be uploaded directly to the policy in JPEG format in the pictures tab or they can be emailed to
Can I make changes online?
Yes you can endorse the policy to make changes as long as it is not a cancellation, reduction in coverage, or restrictive form addition to the policy. The most common endorsements processed online are mortgagee changes, address changes, and increases in coverage.
How many tenant occupied properties can I write on one policy?
If you have a schedule of 5 or more, we recommend contacting our commercial department as they have very good markets for schedules. In personal lines, we allow up to 15 per policy, but the maximum is 5 with liability with most of our companies.
Can TPI writes homes with lapses, bankruptcies, individual for mortgages, tiny homes, claims history, log homes, etc.?
Yes we have a variety of companies that can look at writing homes with any of those reasons on a submit basis. Please contact a personal lines staff member for more details of where to place.
Does TPI have the ability to draft for installments from an insureds account?
Yes with each application, an EFT authorization form generates. It can be completed and returned to setup this process.
Am I able to quote the same home with different companies that TPI has available?
Yes in the quote, you can change between the different companies to see the different options.
Can I review a policy before I write to look at the policy coverages?
Yes when a quote is rated, it will give a listing of the forms attached. There is a forms tab in the quote where the forms can be accessed in a PDF format.
How soon can a policy be approved and bound?
TPI prides itself on fast and convenient service. We have multiple staff members working incoming submissions all day. In most cases, the turn around time is less than 1 hour.